Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Legal Analysis of My Pinterest Page

In law school, we are taught to synthesize large amounts of information into workable rules.  We read pages upon pages of a judge's musings in a case, and in the end, we should be able to articulate the black letter legal principle and apply it to an entirely different set of facts in a convincing manner.  Our professors tell us every day that they are doing more than teaching us law--they are teaching us to think like lawyers.  I find that my work in law school has affected much of my thinking outside of law school.

Today, I was looking at my Pinterest page, and I started seeing all sorts of trends and what those trends say about me!  So putting my legal education to good use, and applying my synthesizing, rule-making legal studies to my Pinterest page, here are some rules about me:

1.  The Harry Potter obsession I acquired in 6th grade remains relevant to this day.

      Perhaps a sub-rule to this rule is that Harry Potter themes set to popular music particularly delight me.

2.  Coffee can be used both as a delicious morning beverage and as a style accessory.

3.  An ideal home is one in which every room has some sort of reading nook.

4.  When in doubt, solid color dress.

5.  Halloween will be my favorite time of year to be around small children.

There we have it!  I always knew I'd put my law soon-to-be degree to good use, and I think I have!  All the original links can be found by heading to my pinterest page and finding the picture.

Side note: if my professors ever stumbled upon my blog, they would all collectively face palm over this post.

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