Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Interview Musings

I have an interview today with a law firm, and I really, really want this job.  When they inevitably ask me about why they should hire me, I will reference my interpersonal skills and ability to get along well with other people. Then I'll launch into a story about how I handled conflict in such and such instance or how I am a leader in such and such clubs on campus....

What I really want to say is 'Check out my interpersonal skills... I look so friendly that I'll be out in the city and random strangers will stop and ask me for directions!"  I mean, that has to count for something, right?? I seriously get asked for directions all the time. I have even had people pull over and chat to me through their car window while I'm on the sidewalk!  And before you naysayers try to point out that the frequency of direction-seekers could be in part due to the double XX status of my chromosomes, I will have you know that I have had women and men, young people and old people--from all walks of life--ask for directions from me. I am an equal opportunity direction-giver! The only category of person that has not heretofore asked me for directions might be infants, and I don't really see that changing anytime soon.

And don't you want an attorney that clients are comfortable enough to talk to? I think the answer is yes!
What a friendly, hire-able attorney-to-be!


  1. I'd hire you in a heartbeat!

  2. You're adorable. Best of luck in the interview!! (PS-Want to win a pair of shoes of your choice? Enter today on my blog:

  3. I would hire you immediately, Catherine!! You are so beautiful and precious. :) Love ya!


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