Monday, October 10, 2011

Dinners with Law School Friends

I met some of my best friends in law school at the Pro-Bono / Public Interest Pre-Orientation the week before classes started.  Some of us were in groups together, like me and Tiffany (who I accidentally called Jennifer at the end of the program... and she does NOT let me live that down!), but for the most part we just randomly decided to start doing dinners together when we got the chance.

For many law schools, especially at large law schools like mine, the first year 1Ls are broken up into sections for classes. Our class has about 500 students, and my section only had about 120. Funny thing, except for Tiffany, all the friends I made at the Pre-Orientation were in different sections! We still got together for dinners a few times a semester anyway.

Friday was my turn to host a dinner, and I think it was quite successful! I made chicken parmesan and we sat around and talked and enjoyed a rare Friday night off.

It's funny how Blake and I started at different schools, yet still managed to befriend people that we both like! I think it's a testament to our compatibility. I love his med school friends and he loves my law school friends!  I joked about it last year around this time when I hosted one of these dinners. I entitled the post Blake Meets Our Friends because--even though it was his first time to meet them--I was confident that Blake would love them and they would become OUR friends instead of just MY friends. :)


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