Friday, September 16, 2011

Please Read Using an Announcer Voice. Please.

TODD: Thanks for joining us folks, it looks like another exciting night in for Blake and Catie!  Jim, tell the people what they should expect to see from this powerhouse of studying over this weekend...

JIM:   Todd, this won't surprise you in the least, but it looks like Apartment 835 is really buckled down for a fight with their respective paths of studying.  It's going to be quite the barnburner! Oh look, the students seem to be taking the table now:

JIM: In the right corner, young intellectual heavyweight champion, Catie, aka Negligentz, shows The Modern Rules of Evidence who's boss with a right hook to the gut of Rule 403. Look who is more probative than prejudicial now!

TODD: Fair enough, Jim. And in the left corner, Bence Jones continues his domination of the Hematology-Oncology block from Georgetown. Did you catch that headbutt he delivered to his hypothetical patient's beta-thalessemia induced extramedullary hematopoietic regions of organomegally?

JIM: To note, Todd, it appears as though The Sick will not be penalized for the below the belt shots it keeps taking at both Negligentz and Bence Jones. I'm not sure what the ref was thinking, but these champs are responding by sleeping a whole lot and using a lot of kleenex.  We've got reports as far out as Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine (Thanks to our associate, Dave) that indeed Sick seems to be invading grad school campuses in an effort to knockout students. It's an underhanded enterprise, and only the toughest can get back in the ring!

TODD: We'll have to keep an eye on these two, but they've given us nothing to doubt that they won't be going the distance this weekend with Law and Medical schools. Next up, Negligentz will take on Government Contracts.

JIM: We can expect to see her signature move there, I'm sure -- the Highlight and Annotate! Government Contracts doesn't stand a chance!

TODD: And it looks like Bence Jones will be handling some United States Medical Licensing Examination (aka Boards) Prep before the weekend is out. The big fight is at the end of the school year of course, but he's been gearing up for this for months now!  We could be seeing numbers as high as 260, some analysts say!


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