Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In Our Next Life...

Over the summer I read a really interesting book on reincarnation. It was totally fictional, but it had some really cool concepts and ideas in it.  The result has been a lot of discussion on who Blake and I will be in our next life!

And let's be real, being in graduate school is really tough.  It's mentally exhausting (and physically if you think about how many books go onto your back or in your arms, and how far you have to walk, and stairs. Don't even get me started on stairs) and there never seem to be enough hours in the days.

So, Blake and I decided that in our next life, we will pursue the following new careers. Meet....

Blake -- Chef Extraordinaire!
He would create instead of using a box, but you catch my drift.


Catie -- Full-Time Blogger, Picture Taker, and Video Maker!

Throwback to this video: My Day at Work
What would you be in your next life if you got the choice??

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  1. Younger...thinner...smarter...! :-) That's a hard question. I would love to have a 'do-over' on some things but the rest is OK. Ya'll are such a cute couple.


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