Monday, September 19, 2011

Grocery Shopping in the City

Today's post will endeavor to give you a glimpse of what it is like to grocery shop in the nation's capital. No two experiences are ever alike, but here's our most recent trip.

Personally, because of our Georgetown/Glover Park location, we shop at the Safeway.

Fun side note.. the Safeways here in the city all have nicknames! Ours is the Social Safeway because of its location to Georgetown and its predominantly young patrons.  This of course means I have to put on makeup to go to the store, which is lame, but Blake and I always run into classmates and I will not run the risk of being makeup-less in an introduction setting...
'Hello, this is Catie, she normally doesn't look this homely'
Let the record show that Blake would never say this, BUT STILL.

Here are some other names that I discovered from this website:
Secret Safeway (because it's hard to get to)
Senior Safeway (perhaps the opposite of the Social Safeway?)
Soviet Safeway (I have positively no idea why)
Stinky Safeway (I cannot comment on its smell)
Sketchy Safeway (because it's sketchy. obviously)
UnSafeway (I have a friend who shops here and attests to its unsafeness).

I digress from my side note. Here's how our shopping trip went. I.....:
  • Make a giant list of everything that we might possibly need for the next 3 weeks because I will not shop again during that time under any circumstances. I will not.
  • Load coupons onto Safeway card. This only works half the time.
  • Walk a third of a mile to the 'close' parking spot we scored last time we drove.
  • SHOP. And be glad that I wore makeup because I ran into like 100 people.
  • Lament that all the fresh produce I bought over the summer has been replaced by frozen dinners and microwavable meals. Ahhh... the life of a student!
  • Go to customer service because a coupon didn't work. Unload buggy (<--southern title for a shopping cart. I get weird looks when I call it a buggy. Some people probably assume I'm Amish. I go with it.) to find the hummus with the coupon issue. 
  • Load groceries into car and give the evil eye to the dudes with the huge SUV parked in my Green Car Only spot at the front of the parking lot. I promise you, one of these days I'm going to make signs that say "Dear Sir or Madame, you must not be able to read or you might not know the definition of a green vehicle. Let me be frank, your hummer doesn't count.'
  • Realize that I have an anger issue when it comes to parking places.
  • Drive home and park in the loading dock of the apartment building so I can put all my groceries into another buggy to take upstairs to my apartment. 
Blake, being a doll, offers to park the car while I unload the groceries. 
Here's where it gets interesting, folks. Blake:
  • Gets a call from me in a frenzy because the awesome deal I got on toilet paper isn't so awesome SINCE I LEFT IT ON THE COUNTER AT CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE STORE WHEN I WAS DIGGING AROUND FOR THE HUMMUS.
  • Then drives back to the store
  • Probably should have glared at the SUVs in the Green Car Only parking place
  • Goes inside with my receipt, finds the toilet paper, explains to the lady that he's with the hummus girl who left her toilet paper, thankyouverymuch.
  •  Drives back home and parks the car in a close spot and walks half a mile back to the apartment carrying my purse and a huge thing of toilet paper. True love.
Well there you have it! A day shopping with us in Washington, DC! Sometimes it's less dramatic.
Hey... it's us!

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