Thursday, August 4, 2011

Planking at work!

PLANKING. It's everywhere, right? Planking is really goofy and funny, but it is the best when it shows up where you least expect it. Which is how I made an awesome surprise planking move the other day! Let me give you some history:

So throughout work, Blake and I usually send e-mails back and forth. At the end of the work day a couple of days ago, Blake and I were discussing an upcoming shopping trip. He decided to meet me at the front door of our apartment with some reusable grocery bags (side note: way to go, U.S., for finally making significant steps in getting rid of plastic grocery bags! I know it took awhile and we're not there yet, but ya gotta celebrate the small advances.), and I would pick him up and we'd go directly to Safeway. So at the end of our e-mail exchange I wrote that I had already made a shopping list and had loaded some coupons onto my Safeway card.

He then responded by saying, 'Perfect. You=on top of things.'

A few moments later he received this picture:
with a message that said, 'I read that message to mean perfect equals when Catie is lying on top of things which then inspired me to plank.'

SURPRISE PLANKING! Blake thought that was quite funny... at least I think he did, judging by how many hahahahahahahahahah's he responded with.

I hope this random story encouraged you to plank somewhere today.

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