Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Late Night

Last night, I volunteered at the HOYA Clinic--a student run free clinic in the old DC General Hospital which now serves as a homeless shelter for women and children. I left the apartment at around 4:30, picked up four classmates at school, and headed down Massachusetts Avenue for miles and miles. We finally reached the clinic, which is filled with security guards at every corner inside the building, and made our way to the clinic to meet up with the other volunteer (students, doctors, nurses). Last night, we had three physicians: a pediatrician, a pediatric neurologist, and a family practitioner. I spent most of my time with the pediatric neurologist and a little bit of time with the pediatrician, both of whom were extremely nice and very helpful. I saw some patients, learned how to give a tuberculosis skin test, and tried my hardest to figure out the electronic medial record software we have at the clinic-- the most challenging part of medicine!

After noticing my two-colored eye, the pediatrician asked me if I had ever been evaluated for Waardenburg Syndrome. She stressed that I would have had other symptoms by now if I had it but just wondered if that was something that they checked for when I was a child (mom or dad, did they do this? or check for any underlying causes?). She then showed me some pictures on an ipad that the clinic uses of heterochromia iridium (two different colored irises but is also the term used for an iris with two different colors as in my case). She was very intrigued but so was the last patient we saw that day who was waiting in the hall way who felt the need to stick her face right up against mine, breath on me, and proceed to tell me that my woman was a lucky lady! It was an interesting experience nonetheless!
My Heterochromia Iridium!

After Catie left this morning, I watched the documentary Freakonomics, based on the best selling book. I thought it was incredibly creative and rather refreshing. I'm about to walk down to the public library and enjoy some fresh air!


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  1. Derek, I remember that when you were a baby there were some discussions with the physicians about your eye. The details I don't remember now. It was not a big concern to the doctors but they did inform us and my memory is that anything bad would have manifested early and that happily did not happen. I recall when you were two and we were at a children's museum in Charlottesville, a lady there made a comment to us that the girls would get lost in your eyes.


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