Monday, May 23, 2011

News Flash...

...Medical School and Law School do not go well together! There are the obvious reasons, like the difference in years (med school takes 4 year to complete, while law school takes only 3), but there are many, many more ways that the two schools were just never intended to be attended by a couple! When Blake and I started out on this whole journey, I thought it might be like dating someone from a different school in high school--different spring breaks, different prom dates, etc. but basically the same schedule. I, however, was very, very wrong!

-It started at the very beginning... Blake took the MCAT in May and began applying to schools in June. I took the LSAT in June and couldn't begin applying to schools until around October!

-It's common for a med school applicant to be put on a waitlist and accepted later in the summer, right before classes begin. Law schools require (expensive!) deposits as early as March. 

-I got out of law school the first day of May and will begin working the first of June. Blake  gets out of school the week after I begin working. Blake begins his second year of school the first day of my last week of work.

-Law firms are not exactly early risers. My buses are fullest around 9:00 AM. When Blake does clinical rotations, he has to be at the hospital at around 6 AM.

So maybe medical school and law school don't go well together, but Blake and I are perfect for each other so our schools will just have to get over themselves! :)

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