Monday, January 17, 2011

Three Days of Relaxing

So on Friday, I finished my Cardiopulmonary class, meaning that I had very little schoolwork to do on this amazing three day weekend. So here are some highlights:

Friday: Picked Catie up at school after my tests, hit the public library to check out a DVD, and hit the grocery to get the "fixings" to make tacos...  as well as a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the first class completed in 2011!

Saturday: I slept in and woke up to the wonderful smell of Catie putting breakfast on the table: hashbrowns and an english muffin packed with eggs, turkey bacon, and cheese. I drank coffee all day, worked on my curriculum vitae, and watched hours of the Mentalist. Meanwhile, Catie was working away on job apps and being cute and all. We made homemade pizza for dinner and it was great!

Sunday: Finished the first draft of my CV, sent some emails to LU people, drank coffee, went for a 2.5 mile run (for the first time in too long), and attempted to make chocolate pudding. I say attempted because we used Soy Milk... and the pudding never set... However, this was not to our ignorance that Soy Milk is not a substitute for regular milk. In fact, the other packages of pudding had a disclaimer that Soy Milk wouldn't work, though, we felt we were fine in using it because the package we ended up using from the same company did not have the disclaimer! So there went THREE entire cups of milk! Oh well, it's all good!

Monday: Slept in, ate a solid breakfast, am feeling nice and sore, and am drinking coffee and enjoying the presence of Catie! I'm just relaxing and am catching up on all the internet stuff I used to follow but haven't since starting med school!

Thanks for reading this blog. If you made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back!


  1. After the success you earned in your classes in 2010, you deserve a break, Derek! Give yourself a pat on the back and let us know if we can ever help. See ya in February!

  2. Thanks! I appreciate it and look forward to seeing you soon!!


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