Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Birthday!

I'm one of those people that really like birthdays. I don't know why anyone wouldn't be! So I'd like to let everyone know that my 23rd birthday was great! The Law Halloween party was on Thursday night--sooooo fun!--and most of my classes were canceled on Friday. That's a great way to start off your birthday! Blake's classes didn't start until later in the afternoon as well, so we both slept in and then went to class. I got back around 4:30 and Blake got back at 5:15 with a dinner surprise! We have an adorable neighborhood restaurant called Cafe Romeo's right down the street from us. I don't go to many places (at all now that I'm in law school) that aren't chain restaurants, so discovering Cafe Romeo's was a treat! Blake got grilled chicken on foccacia bread and a chicken and portabella mushroom lavash roll! We split both down the middle and shared! Very nice! We also finished the second season of Veronica Mars! 

Overall, it was a very relaxing and nice birthday! Thanks Blake and law school for making my day special!

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