Monday, November 15, 2010


Blake and I have been thinking about moving apartments at the end of our first year. There are several reasons why we might leave Carillon House, despite the cheap prices. 
1. Living in a studio is not that fun. We can totally deal, but it would feel a lot more like a home if we at least had more than one room in which we lived! 
2. We're probably going to be bringing a car up next year, and it would be really nice if we had somewhere that allowed us to park inside and off the street. 
3. Though I do pretty well on transportation because a bus picks me up and takes me right to the school, Blake has to walk about a mile each way to get to his classes. I don't have to tell you how un-fun that is with a 40 pound backpack!
4. But probably the biggest reason I'm looking forward to moving in the future is... wait for it...

It is amazing how many dishes Blake and I create within a few short hours! Dishwashers are what dreams are made of. 

Sorry for the length of time between posts! Blake and I are hitting a very busy time of school. Both surviving though! Blake's doing extremely well in the classes he's taken so far. He will never brag, but I will! We're all very proud of how great he's been doing. I don't have any grades of consequence until finals at the end of each semester, so these next few weeks in preparation for those finals are crucial to how I will do overall. Thanks for checking in on us, friends and family! We're really looking forward to Christmas break and reconnecting with all of our loved ones!


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  1. May I say that we are very proud of both of you! Love, Dad


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