Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I have always loved Halloween. My parents used to help me make or find a costume every year, and I had some really good, homemade ones (a spider in a web, a robot, a construction worker, a headless horseman, etc.).
I'm the robot!

I never outgrew my love of Halloween, however. I got Blake addicted to the season as well when we first started dating. We hadn't even started dating yet when I asked him to be my date to Skate Date--the Halloween social function that PKS did every year. We decided to dress up as a song that had recently come out by Weird Al: White and Nerdy.

 Because Lipscomb really seemed to enjoy Halloween and threw multiple parties, we would often end up going as multiple costumes. Our freshmen year we also went as:
God's Gift to Women and a schoolgirl.

Our sophomore year, we got even more creative with our costume. I'm notorious for planning Halloween costumes way in advance, but I think it worked out well when we went as Peace and Quiet!
Peace and Quiet: Blake is a Hippie and I'm a Mime!
Of course, there were other parties, and the makeup was very difficult (shout out to Heather who always did my mime make-up!), so I also went to one party and teamed up with Danielle for another costume!
Little Bunny Foo Foo and the Good Fairy!
Me and Blake at the Halloween party!
Now our junior year costume was the longest in advance that I thought of a costume. I thought of it over a year ahead of time! I had the idea a few days before Skate Date, but knew, to pull it off, that I would have to have more time to create it. Honestly, this was one of my favorite costumes because I came up with it 100% on my own. Blake was extremely busy with Physics II and Anatomy and Physiology and Physical Chemistry, so I ended up making both of our costumes from felt and a few other supplies. I was pretty pleased with the result:
Jesus' Pair of Bulls (Jesus's Parables)
 We had a pretty good routine that included about 3 parties every year. At one party, the one that Dr. Bradshaw hosted, we won the costume contest every single year (we can't remember, but we're pretty sure he didn't host one our freshmen year)! I was pretty proud! So we knew that we needed to end our tenure at Lipscomb with a great costume! This one we made together (including one very late night while we were waiting for paint to dry)!
We went as a S'More! I was the marshmallow and Blake was the chocolate!
 With our last Lipscomb Halloween, I'm proud to announce that we did win at Dr. Bradshaw's party! We went 3 years and won each time! Yay!

This year I had to go solo to the school function because poor Blake had an exam the next day! So lame. But I made the most of it and went as 'Where's Waldo' with a little help from my mom (thanks for the hat and stockings!)! Haha it was a fun costume and a fun night, but I missed my partner in crime! See if you can spot Waldo in the pictures below...
Some law school friends!

Me with some of the girls I rode with!

Me and Vicki!
I hope you enjoyed your Halloween re-cap with Blake and me! I'm always on the hunt for new costumes. This year I went as Where's Waldo, but as of yet, I have not pictures. I'll post if I do! 
*UPDATE* As you can see, I added pictures :) 

I love Halloween, so feel free to share your favorite halloween costume in the comments! :)


  1. After reading your blog, I am going to have to go find some Halloween pictures from childhood. You can then post them along with your college-age costumes! Love, Dad

  2. I would love that! If you find any, let me know!


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