Thursday, September 2, 2010

Funny Coincidence

The last couple of days have been very trying on my patience with living so far away from my school. I know that it's just an adjustment that has to be made, but it only takes a couple of times that you get honked at for crossing a street legally or stand for an entire bus ride with a side bag and a 50 lb backpack getting dirty looks from other passengers that public transportation gets annoying. I can only make myself feel better so many times by thinking about the environment that I'm saving! At Lipscomb, I lived on campus. I walked 3-5 minutes and was sitting in my class. I could run back to my room and grab a book (none of which were as heavy as one of the three casebooks that I'm carrying at all times). But yesterday, my patience was truly tried when I forgot my computer charger at home. My battery lasts a good amount of time, but it's not going to last through an entire day of classes. And all my notes are on it and all my notes from the day would be taken on it! I freaked out a little bit, contemplated giving up and just quitting while I'm ahead, or at least retiring to the bathroom for a quick cry. Thankfully, I have friends. My new friend Hunter, who's also married, let me borrow his computer charger between our first and second class and that was enough to get me through the whole day!

The funny coincidence is that I was telling this story to my dad over dinner, and he said that he too had forgotten his laptop charger yesterday! He had to take the metro back to his hotel to get it over his lunch break! Wow.

So I guess the 'takeaway' from this story is: people who have a car, enjoy it. People who ride public transportation, please have pity on the girl who's carrying her body weight on her back and shoulders. And people driving in DC, please stop honking at me! We don't do that in Tennessee and it hurts my feelings! :)

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