Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Milestone in Medical School

Today marked the completion of my first class, Molecular and Cellular Physiology. You may be wondering, "Blake, you just started school like 4 weeks ago. How have you already completed a course?" This question, if asked, would be reasonable. At most colleges, courses are completed over semesters and it seems as though they could not be taught at a faster pace. Well, in medical school (at Georgetown), we have what are called modules. Each module is basically one class that takes up around a month of our lives. We have, essentially, no other classes and all of our time, attention, and focus is directed toward the current module. This means that on any given day, we have around 3-4 hours of lecture concerning the topic of the module--not to mention the small groups, problem solving workshops, labs, etc. that often fill up the afternoons.

Today marked the completion of my first module! I took my final this morning, after only 19 days of classes. Don't be fooled though! The amount of material covered in this short amount of time was ridiculous. We covered fluids, proteins, thermo, kinetics, specific membrane and cell structures with histology, mass spec, embryology, electrophysiology, hematology, and immunology just to hit some highlights. We had probably around a dozen different lecturers, which was great because it meant that we didn't hear the same person for 35 hours a week. I found the lectures to be extremely stimulating, well prepared, and very useful. My experience at Georgetown has been great and I have very few complaints. It has been hard but very doable. I have had to study literally all day everyday, but it has definitely been worth it. I did extremely well on the midterm, and feel pretty good about my final. I'll have to wait a couple of days to get my results though...

Tonight, Catie, Henry, and I went to Ben's Chili Bowl! Always a favorite! For the first time, we got milkshakes. Catie and I split a chocolate, which was amazing. We had a good time and it was really nice to see some family up here!

I'm now going to enjoy the THREE day weekend with Catie! I can finally relax, enjoy life, and be a normal person for a couple of days!


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