Sunday, September 26, 2010

ADR Board!

Exciting news from the law school! I just made my first skills board! 

The Board is a group of people who represent the law school in competitions around DC, the nation, and even the world! The people who make up the board are chosen by in house competitions. Today was the competition, and Tiffany and I were a team. We had a set of facts about our 'client' and were supposed to 'negotiate' with the other team to reach an agreement. There were a total of 244 people competing and the board is chosen from the scorers in the top 10-15%. I got the call around 7 PM from a member of the Board, and they invited me! I'm really excited about it. I guess my Dispute Resolution class in college is really paying off!

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  1. We are so PROUD of our daughter-in-law!! Note to myself: never get into an argument with you! (Just kidding)



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