Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend--Tso Good!

This weekend has been great so far! Yesterday Blake and I both had long days. He was at a review session for his final on Thursday, and my friend Tiffany and I decided to go to the courthouse and listen to some cases for class. In Criminal Law and Civil Procedure I (I like to call it civ pro because that's so much easier to say) we have to go to judiciary square and listen to the courts and write a paper on it. Fridays are usually slow days, but we did manage to listen to a murder trial with a gang as defendants! It was a really great thing to sit in on too because the judge was making a decision about a motion that three of the defendants had filed. She was referring to an earlier case as precedent and applying the rule of law with this particular type of case ('severing' a trial with multiple defendants, allowing them each to have their own trial so that one of the defendants could testify on the others' behalf after his own trial was over and his fifth amendment rights expired). Though interesting, I didn't get home until 6 and I still had more studying to do.

When Blake got home though, we decided to put aside our books and take the evening off. First, we ordered some awesome Chinese food from a place that delivered for free! This is only the second time I've ever had ordered Chinese food. I always thought that only happened in the movies, but what a great surprise a few years ago when Blake's parents ordered Chinese from their home in Knoxville! So yesterday we decided to try out a place called O'Tasty. Lame name, good food! Blake got General Tso's chicken and I got Sesame!

Then, we watched a movie. It was called Devil's Teardrop. Though predictable in many ways, it still had some good twists and turns and we enjoyed it!

Overall, a nice Friday night. Today we are studying all day to prepare for the coming week. My dad's coming into town on Sunday night and staying until Friday! I'm excited he's coming! He's teaching a course in Bethesda, MD which is really close to here. We've already promised him a trip to Ben's Chili Bowl and we'll have to figure out some other stuff to do later!

On Saturday, Blake and I spent the entire day studying. Thankfully together.

On Sunday, we spent the morning and afternoon studying and cleaning the apartment. But then... exciting break in the monotony.... my dad came to visit! Well, actually he came to work, but he gets to visit too! Blake and I walked to his hotel, about 1.3 miles away, and we all went to Chipotle and hung out in the VIP's room of the hotel and ate free stuff! We had a really great night and got to talk about things we were learning in school. Dad's teaching in Bethesda, MD but will be here until Friday. I'm sure we'll do even more great things before then!

A great weekend.

To the studying!

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