Sunday, August 8, 2010

Marcus Visits on my Birthday!

So in honor of my 23rd birthday and my new life, my brother Marcus came up to visit us. 
The day was Saturday and the time was early afternoon--the date, July 31st. Now you may be thinking to yourself that said day is nothing special; but au contraire, it is the day that unites Mr. Harry Potter and I eternally.
Harry Potter
 'Tis the day we both were born and the moment the world was given hope... okay, maybe in the magical world. Marcus came up and we showed him around our apartment, my school, and then along some of the big streets close by.
Blake and Marcus in front of historic Healy Hall on the Georgetown University's undergraduate campus
We worked up quite the appetite and decided to indulge in some Mexican dining at a place on Wisconsin Avenue. After a wonderful meal--it's nice to get a break from cooking and cleaning the dishes--we walked up the street containing all of our essentials: grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, etc., giving him an idea of how we relate to and interact with our community daily.
Blake at Los Cuates with his birthday sombrero
After arriving home, we played an hour of my favorite game, Boggle, and bravely decided to play Loaded questions with just the three of us. It ended up being hilarious and quite a few running jokes were created, setting the comic tone for the weekend. On Sunday, we slept in, ate a cheap lunch at the apartment, and then set on our way to tackle the city. We boarded a metro bus that took us down to the Washington Monument as the rain began falling.
We quickly touched the monument, snapped a few photos,

and embarked on our journey to the Natural History Museum, my favorite by far. We spent several hours there looking at the Origins of Man exhibits

and standing in line to get our Neanderthal/Heidlebergensis photo conversions. These photos ended up being hilarious!
Blake's Me-anderthal
Catie's Me-anderthal

We finished seeing the exhibits that caught our immediate eye and decided to catch out the Air and Space Museum.
We walked around for a bit until we found the Wright Brother's Exhibit, which turned out to be a real gem.
The Wright Brothers and the "Wrong" Brothers

Our next move was to get some quality DC food. As it is practically a tradition now, we took Marcus to Ben's Chili Bowl and indulged in Chili Half-smokes and mountains of french fries.
 Comatosed, we trudged our way through the city and eventually got back home. We played a few games, made some popcorn, and watched "The Sting", a wonderful and classic movie starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman.
"The Sting" (1973) Movie Poster

The next morning, Monday, we took Marcus to Ronald Reagan and sent him off on his journey back to Tennessee. We three had a great time! It was a great way to celebrate my birthday and the end of my summer!

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