Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Experiencing Blog Fatigue, but Thankfully Not 1L Fatigue!

Though it was Blake's suggestion to start a blog, I really took to the idea.  I've been journal-ing since freshman year of high school and have filled my fair share of notebooks with my daily doings.  What I really like about blogs though is the ability to add pictures!  It melds two of my favorite things! I love taking pictures (as any friend, family member, random person on the street who I ask to take a picture can attest!) and I love journal-ing.  Basically, Blake's a genius.  

Alas, the good news comes to an end.  Our blogger has not allowed me to post pictures since at least the first weekend of August.  And blogging isn't nearly as fun for me when there's no pictures to add.  So I've been experiencing blog fatigue because I can't add pictures and I don't want to compromise the beauty of the blog with just words.  

It's like on Facebook.  I hate uploading pictures but having to leave my computer before I can tag them all and make captions on all of them!  That means that the person who views my pictures in that in between time only gets half of my work!  And what if they never re-stalk me to see the pictures tagged and captioned!

With that long introduction, I will tell you about my week of orientation and my first days as a law student.  Last week was busy--very different than the prior weeks!--with pre-orientation and then orientation and then preparing for class!  Pre-orientation was designed by the Public Interest/Pro Bono Organization to get students together who are interested in similar things and provide a time for us to get to know the deans and faculty, hear more about the program, and meet some judges and hear cases at the courthouse.  We also spent the second day doing some beautification of a school in a high risk area of DC. 

Orientation was from Wednesday through Friday.  With over 400 students in my class, I was very grateful that I did the pre-orientation, because it gave me a group of students who I had already met and others who at least looked familiar.  I even met some people who turned out to be in my section (Yay Irene, Tiffany and Rachel)!  From what I've heard I've got really great section teachers, and I'm really enjoying the schedule time frame.  

Monday was my first day of class, and in a way it felt like stepping back into high school.  For example, I woke up at 7:00 AM (I never woke up this early in undergrad! Not even for my 8 AM classes!) and got ready for class.  I packed my lunch and my backpack for the day, ran to catch the bus, and got to school with enough time to go by my locker!  Haha but law school is infinitely more interesting than high school was, and I'm sure our work loads will not quite be comparable.  So this semester I'm taking.... drum roll....  Contracts I, Civil Procedure I, Torts, Legal Reading and Writing I, and Criminal Law I.  My classes generally start around 10 AM and run til either 6 PM, 3:45 PM, or Noon (yay Friday class schedule!).  

So far, so good.  More details to come.  

Blake had his Molecular and Cellular Physiology Mid-term on Monday.  He went through the typical first test of the year run down... studying a lot, freaking out a lot, and then doing well.  Whereas my school curriculum is planned like most undergrads', the medical curriculum, at least at Georgetown, is designed in blocks.  His final for MCP is next Thursday and then he will begin Metabolism, Nutrition and Endocrinology!  He had an intro class after the exam (sidenote: how cruel is that??  They make the students sit through a grueling three hour exam--that Blake's eyes have still not recovered from--and then give them another lecture!) and is really excited about the nutrition part of the next block.  He's already been informing me that everything I eat is bad for me. :) Ok not really...

Well that's been our life since the break in blogging.  Now that I'm finished with the blog, I think I feel my enthusiasm coming back!  I'm excited to post this, even if it is sans pictures.  

Oh and another exciting thing happened to me today (I mean aside from all of the reading and note taking of course!).... I ... came.... up ... with .... this .... year's..... awesome HALLOWEEN COSTUME!  For those of you who have been following the life and times of Blake and Catie, you will be aware that I kind of love Halloween more than any adult not receiving free candy should.  I mean what other holiday calls for parties where everyone can get together and show off some super creative costumes!  Love it!  And throw in candy and I'm there!  Speaking of inspiration, I just got inspired sometime closer to the wonderful holiday to do a Blake and Catie re-cap of all of our amazing costumes since we've been together.  This will make lucky number 5!  So if you've been reading thus far and wanted me to tell you what we're gong as, I'm sorry to disappoint.  I will not be revealing until the date of revealment, aka Halloween.  Unless you're Bonnie, because I told you I'd tell.  

It's late and I have school tomorrow!  Past my bed time... wow, and so we return to high school.


  1. Catherine,

    Have you tried reverting to the older post editor? Go to the Settings tab and click. At the bottom will be a box you can check for old post editor. Maybe that will work.

  2. I tried to revert to the older editor, but it still won't let me upload pictures! I don't know what the problem is. Thanks for the advice though!


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