Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blake's First Week of School

Today, I forgot what day of the week it is!  I'm obviously enjoying what's left of my vacation haha.  Blake is officially in school though, and he has been since Monday!  Good news... he says he loves his classes and has been enjoying his classmates!  It makes me anxious to start.  I have stuff that begins on Monday though!  And then my classes start the next Monday.

Since he's begun school though, he's come home and studied until bed.  I do get him for dinner though!  I've been working on some things before school starts and reading books.  

Yesterday I went out with a new friend.  She lives in our apartment complex and her husband is in medical school too with Blake!  I've been missing my friends a lot, so it was really nice to have female companionship again. :)

I'm not sure why our pictures haven't been uploading, but I'm still working on it!  Maybe when I'm using a different internet it'll work!  That's the update on our life lately! 

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