Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Zoo!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, complete with sunshine and no chance of rain. I've been talking about going to the zoo since I found out is was within walking distance of our apartment, and today we finally decided to go!

 Now when I say 'within walking distance' don't think the zoo was right down the road.  It was actually just over a mile and half. But I was bound and determined to get to the place! So Blake and I changed into some jogging clothes and jogged the whole way there! It was really hot, but a great workout!

The National Zoo did not disappoint, and Blake and I stayed until it closed.  He even named it one of the most fun activities we've done thus far!  The zoo sits on around 163 acres of land and has 2000 animals of about 400 species.  One of our favorite places to go were the inside exhibits.  We saw invertebrates, reptiles, pandas, apes, and orangutans inside exhibits like these.  Outside, we saw all sorts of animals too, including an elephant, tiger, leopard, and more!
Hey Cousin!
We forewent the jogging on the way back home. My legs were already getting sore from our job there and hours walking through the zoo.  We made it back and drank about a gallon of water each. The weather online said that DC had hit temperatures of over 100 degrees! 
If you're in DC go check out the zoo!  It was fun and free!  But if you're going to run there, bring water. 

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