Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pictures with Ideas

Today was a movie screening at my law school.  I RSVP'd for Blake and me for two reasons: 1) I like hearing about social justice and causes people adopt 2) I really wanted an opportunity to tour the school where I will be spending copious amounts of time!

So for #1:
The movie was very interesting.  I feel like I gained a lot of information about military tribunals and the controversy surrounding them by reading the literature the different groups provided, watching the film The Response, and then hearing from the guests on the panel.  The panelists included two actors from the film, the writer and producer, the president of another law school, an attorney at Mayer Brown, Counsel of Record in the Supreme Court case that gave prisoners of war the right to habeus corpus, and a Navy Jag.  

Overall, the night introduced issues that I had not heard of before, and it is always a good idea to learn more when possible!  It's also interesting to hear how each person comes to the decisions and accepts the beliefs that he or she has on an issue... what makes the issue their 'cause.'

As for #2:
Wow.  My law school campus rocks!  I'm so excited about starting school!  Moving to D.C. a few weeks early has been a brilliant idea.  It's given us time to adjust to our new place and the new public transportation system (we spent an extra 20 minutes waiting at the bus stop because our bus didn't bother stopping at the stop!) and the idea of starting school again!

After we snuck around several floors and peaked in classrooms and the library and study areas, Blake and I walked out to the courtyard and set on a bench to commemorate the start of our relationship at Lipscomb and to give my new school a proper welcome to Blake and Catie!  

Overall, a very good day.  


  1. Excellent. I was on the campus of GW back in 2002 or 2003 for a Pressure Sensitive Paint Workshop. It was Chaired by a GW Prof Marvine Hamner. She is in the Engineering Management and System Engineering Department. Have enjoyed working with her. Been a couple of years since talking to her last time.


  2. GW was impressive from the outside, so I can only imagine how much more so from the inside! You should post some pix sometime. Love, Dad

  3. Haha I was too nervous of being 'found out' to take pictures. I was just sure I'd round the corner and the dean would say "Excuse me! You two are not students... please exit the building and never come back! Even if you're supposed to start here in the fall!"


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