Friday, July 30, 2010

I have a new best friend!

I have a new best friend at DC and his name is Andrew MacQuarrie!  

Blake's white coat ceremony is a week from today, on August 6th (also the day one of my best friends gets married! Congratulations Lindsey and David!) and he recently had his suspicions confirmed--each incoming student is only permitted two guests for the ceremony.  Evidently the ceremony hall is beautiful and ornate with lots of history... and little space.  So poor Blake was left with math that included dividing two tickets by two parents and a wife that all wanted to be inside :)  Of course I think all of us had volunteered to sit out at one point.  

Then, today Blake got a facebook message from my new best friend who told him that he had an extra ticket!  Somehow there was a Tennessee connection, and now all of us get to watch the white coat ceremony! :)

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