Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grocery Delivery--Best Idea Ever!

Blake and I live in a great neighborhood called Glover Park right up from Georgetown.  It's a really safe apartment complex and a really safe neighborhood, but the best part about our location is that we're close to Safeway for grocery shopping!  Since we don't have a car, we walk to the grocery store about twice a week to stock up on things we need, but we can only carry a few bags each.  You see, close is a relative term.  We live just over half a mile away.  And in case you've been out of the United States for the past few weeks, it's incredibly hot outside.  Today, temperatures hit 103 degrees!  

Never fear, Safeway delivery is here!  As our pantry stock dwindled, we were dreading the mile plus walk we'd have to do to restock.  So we took advantage of the free first delivery offer from Safeway!  That's right... free delivery on online ordering of groceries.  I've seen the future folks, and grocery delivering is IT!  Blake and I spent half an hour maybe online ordering over $100 worth of groceries that we would not enjoy carrying half a mile.  Four 12 packs of coke products, 2 big packs of toilet paper (who walks down a busy sidewalk carrying toilet paper?? Yeah, Blake and I do ...), a pork roast that weighs 4.7 pounds (we got a great deal!  We'll let you know how the bbq pulled pork turns out), frozen foods like ice cream and pizzas, etc.  I even had some coupon codes that got us a free 24 pack of bottled water and $5 off our entire order!

So today, we sat in our cool apartment and played boggle and read.  The deliveryman came all the way up to our apartment, and he brought all of our groceries in and sat them on our kitchen counter!  It was the best grocery shopping ever!  We ate chicken and baked potatoes and black-eyed peas for dinner and didn't sweat a gallon to get the produce there! The delivery was supposed to cost $12.95.  :)

Since we had all this free time on our hands, I did things I don't normally... Blake and I spent the morning washing dishes.  I cleaned the entire kitchen (even the microwave).  I made the bed.  Blake vacuumed. We straightened everything and made the places smell like a delicious mix of cinnamon and cookies.  I even made sweet tea ice cubes to go with our sweet tea for dinner!
In other exciting news in our apartment, we scored a 24 pack of Red Bull Sugar Free (our favorite!) for free today!  Blake and I did a jig.  Literally, we danced around the kitchen.  Today was a very exciting day!  Hahaha :)


  1. Glad to hear y'all are having such a good time before school starts. Miss y'all! See ya next month!


  2. We played boggle too, yesterday, and Dorothy beat me. Will delivery always be free? I hope so for your sake it will be.

  3. Dad, looking forward to seeing you! And certainly enjoying the time off!

    Steve, Derek must get his boggle genes from Dorothy! He beat me pretty badly. I wish delivery was always free, but it costs around $7-15 depending on the day you have it delivered. Just the first time is free! See you guys soon! We're looking forward to it!


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