Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Cozy Day

I love a good thunderstorm from the comfort of my room, and the District did not disappoint today! I watched the clouds roll over and make our whole apartment dark in the middle of the day. Blake and I sat and read on the couch in the comfort of our little snug place.
Actually, that's not all we did.  We also cooked.  From our couch.  Without even being in the kitchen!  That is, we had dinner simmering in our crock pot!
I mentioned in my last post that we got a great deal on a huge pork roast.  Today, Blake  worked his culinary magic on it and we had homemade, fall off the bone, tender and juicy bbq pulled pork.  We added some baked beans and mashed potatoes and a little old movie magic and had a great night!
Here we see Blake with his pulled pork masterpiece!
Living in a small apartment has actually been a lot easier than we thought.  The biggest drawback can actually be a blessing in disguise.  For example, small apartments mean sharing space.  For us, our bedroom area is also our desk area and TV area and hallway.  It works out perfectly for TV nights though!  As I mentioned in a previous post, we've become quite fond of pulling our little table over to the bed and watching a movie.  We also enjoy how our bed can so easily turn into theater seating!

 Furthermore, our Expedit bookshelf has many purposes.  We use it as a bookshelf, display area, and room divider.  And during the times that our bed turns into theater seating, we use our bookshelf as a cup holder!
 We're really enjoying our time off.  This time next week, Blake will be preparing for orientation, which starts on the 2nd of August.  Wow, our summer has flown by.  There won't be too much time available for us to watch movies soon.

Speaking of movies, I was inspired (and have since inspired Blake) to write an entire post dedicated to reviews of the movies we have watched over the past few weeks.  Get ready!

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