Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catch up... long time no post

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it has been too long since either of us has last blogged and because of this, I am unfortunately unable to provide an adequate retelling of the events that have occurred over the last seven morn. I, however, will choose to chronicle some of the more interesting tales and hope that'll do.

On Friday morning, our very good friends Jay Ramsey and Arielle Cutts came to the habitation we currently call our comfy abode.
To begin the excitement, we lunched at the Surfside Taco Bar, located just a block from our apartment. I think I speak for everyone and say that the food was quite delicious; however, I think I can also speak for everyone when I say it was overpriced. Either way, it gave us the fuel we needed to discover some of the greatest wonders of this planet at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (and to find a parking spot... which was just as much of an adventure as anything else... but at this point, I must give credit where credit is due! Jay, our driver, was a total pro and took every turn, wrong turn, and honking angry taxi driver on like a champ!).

As you may or may not have previously read, Catie and I previously visited the museum for about an hour or two but were immediately seized by our appetite to leave at once in search for much needed food. So we decided to return so that we could see more of the museum. The four of us started at the Darwin exhibit, then ventured to a presentation of small mammals including the most precious and adorable bats and little pocket-sized mice that I will ever lay eyes on. We then spent the bulk of our time at the Hall of Human origins, an exhibit containing the history of human evolution as we know it.

Included were life size facial reconstructions of our predecessing primates and information concerning their habitation, common practices, skills, etc.

It was brilliant, truly remarkable and one of the most fascinating things I've ever seen or heard about. No words or descriptions can do it justice. We then advanced through the museum to get a glimpse of the Hope Diamond, as well as a multitude of other gems and precious stones that were outrageously blinging.

Our time was well spent and we were able to explore a good portion of the museum, however, our parking spot was expiring so we decided to change the venue. We headed to GW Lab to show our guests where Catie will be all scholastic come fall. We then proceeded to GU Med to do the same. We explored some more and then decided that it was time to have the ultimate chili dog experience at Ben's Chili Bowl (for information, see my other post).

By the time we found a reasonable parking space, (that is, a parking space not only somewhat close but also somewhat safe) we had worked up quite an appetite. We waltzed in like pros, ordered four Chili Half-smokes and devoured our well-deserved tasty treats. Now in order to avoid the comas that usually follow such food binges, we headed out and ended up walking around the National Cathedral (see other post for info on the cathedral).

We had a splendid time and were beginning to get worn out so we hit the streets again and headed back to the apartment. We played Loaded Questions, an awesome game by the way, for a couple of hours,

ate loads of blueberries that our wonderful guests had picked us from New Jersey,

and then teamfully blew up an air mattress.

Considering the fact that Jay and Arielle were leaving the following morning at like 4AM, we headed to bed, exhausted nonetheless, at a reasonable hour. We had a great time with our friends and miss them already, as we do miss all of you reading this blog. These blogs will have to do for now!

Ok, so I am writing way to much and am going to abbreviate the rest of my updates. We made an awesome White Chicken Chili and watched Singing in the Rain on Saturday.

I started reading a book yesterday, while lounging on our beautiful roof, I got from a Kaplan Testing recruitor called Routine Miracles, highlighting some of the most amazing advancements in medicine over the last few decades and recent years. It is also a very inspiring book and offers many reflections, both good and bad, about our current healthcare system. He's a physician and professor at SUNY-Downstate and his book is very empowering for someone who wishes to be a doctor.

I have recently received my schedule for the entire first year of medical school, down to every hour of every day describing what lecture I will have and when my bathroom breaks will be. I will be spending around 30 hours a week in lecture, not including my other priorities. I will then be required to do copious amounts of studying on top of that of course. It will certainly take some adjusting to do but at least I will be rested and ready to work when the time gets here!

We made a chicken pizza from scratch today (sauce and all), and are about to watch the movie The Lovely Bones. 



  1. Ain't nothing better than blueberries!

  2. Loved the movie...
    You've got to know that the Hope diamond is Ben's favorite attraction at the Smithsonian...
    I noticed the table apparently is easily moved for "Dinner and a movie"...

  3. Haha the table is easily moved and perfect with the flap so we can sit on the bed and eat and watch! We're about to watch another one right now! We'll have to do a whole segment on movies we've watched!


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