Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July!

Blake is definitely the cook in our relationship, so when it comes dinnertime, I usually defer to him.  But the day before the 4th of July, I designed our meal (even though Blake still did most of the cooking!) with a distinctly Catie touch--A Latin American Celebration!  Haha.... we had tacos with all the fixings, some 7 layer bean dip and chips, and my Juanes Pandora station blaring.  It was lots of fun!  When I suggested it, Blake responded by saying, "Tomorrow we celebrate the United States, tonight we celebrate MEXICO!"  The boy knows the way to my heart! :)

The next day, we did celebrate the United States.  We took a bus to the Columbia Heights neighborhood to go to church at a place called All Souls.  Their service concluded with an instrumental encore including an elderly woman on piccolo, a guy playing saxophone and trumpet, a trombone player, and a pianist.  It was very entertaining!  We met some people, including a dude our own age (we've been a little secluded from people not 20 years older than us lately)!  We did a little shopping afterward because there was a Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond nearby.  That being said, we've now officially spent all of our BBB gift cards (but our curtains are also done!).  

Something scary happened on the way back home... the Metro bus doors tried to eat me!  I was halfway down the steps when the doors shut on me and I tripped all over the sidewalk trying to get out!  I showed that bus who's the boss though, because I spilled coffee on it when I fell!  Stop laughing... it's really not that funny!

So we made it back (barely) from our terrifying bus ride, and set about eating a truly American meal.  Hotdogs!  Disclaimer: Hotdogs might actually not be too American.  Their origins have been traced back to Vienna, Austria and Frankfurt, Germany.  To make things even more confusing, we ate a brand called Hebrew Nationals!  Either way, they've been associated with baseball since 1893 and baseball is thought to be American, so based on that twisted logic we're going with hotdogs are American!   
We ate them with chili and onions and spicy mustard, and they were delicious!

Our apartment has this amazing view from the top of the roof.  The national fireworks display is around the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, both of which are visible from our rooftop.  So around 9 PM we gathered with about 200 other residents and guests on the roof for some fireworks.  They were amazing and very beautiful!  My pictures don't do it justice, but I'll share anyway!


  1. Juanes is Colombian. ;)

    I just gotta rep the homeland, you know.

  2. Haha I know! That's why I called it a Latin American celebration!

  3. Catherine, Cousin, I'm envious of yours & Derek's computer savvy, and the attractiveness with which both of you have designed this blog site with both narrative and photos. I've got a blog site - http://coop'scomments.blogspot.com that has narrative. However, I've not figured out, as yet, posting photos, etc.

    By the way, I was talking with another cousin recently, who is an attorney, and told her about your beginning law school and Derek beginning med school. Her response was, "they'll see one another in passing; but not much more than that".

    So, I'm guessing that getting moved in, settled, and acclimated to the area - for a couple of months prior to school beginning - is a "brilliant idea".



  4. Wow! That is SO cool that you have such a gorgeous view on your roof! And for fireworks... it's perfect!! :)


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